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Merry Everything

Merry everything 1

For the Merry Everything and the striped die cut card just layer all the pieces as shown.

For the shaker cards - Here's how to build it.

Glue the acetate film on the back side of the circle opening with a liquid glue. Be cautious to not smear the glue because it will show on the acetate when it dries. Allow to dry completely.


For the second step cut small fringe cuts in the double sided adhesive strips. This will allow you to go around the circle seamlessly. Peel off one side of the adhesive and attach going around the entire edge of the circle as shown.


Peel away the side of the adhesive that is exposed and add sequins to make the shaker items.


Then just cut the background and attach to the adhesive foam to seal the sequins in place. I used the striped patterned paper with the snowflake as the backer on one and the joy sentiment print out on the other.

Build the rest of the cards as shown.

Please feel free to print this photos as reference. I've stopped including a color photo copy of the cards in the kits to keep costs of my kits affordable.

Thank you for your patronage! Happy Holidays :) Deena


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