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May 2014

Garden of Greetings Boxes

Here are some helpful hints for assembling your boxes. Hope you enjoy how beautifully they coordinate with your cards!

Garden of Boxes

Long Candle Box -

1. Place the yellow cardstock behind the  candle openings. 2. Assemble box according to THESE DIRECTIONS 3. Fill your boxes with your treats. 4. Wrap ribbon around the box and tie in a bow. 5. Attach the sentiment with twine bow and button.

Teal Matchbox - 

1. Place the floral patterned paper in the heart opening. 2. To assemble the box fold all the crease line on the box portion with the heart die cut and attach with strong tape along the flap to form a sleeve. For the other teal peice do the same fold along all the crease lines (you should end up with 4 corners) and secure the flaps with strong tape. Slip sleeve over the box bottom 3. Fill your boxes with your treats. 4 Wrap twine around box and tie in a bow add flowers and buttons. 5. Tie yellow ribbon in a knot and slip in to notch in the front of the box.

Round Candy Bag - 

1. Assemble the bag according to THESE DIRECTIONS 2. Tie a bow with the green grosgrain ribbon and attach with the twine and sentiment.

Garden of Greetings - May Creative Cards

Hello Everyone... While I can say that we never really had a winter here in California I know some of you had really long cold winters. I think spring has arrived across the country so to honor the new blooms I created this beautiful kit Garden of Greetings! 

Following are a few tips and tricks to getting your cards put together. This month there are three small 3x3 cards they all have a clear envelope. The rest of the cards all have white envelopes. I used a grey ink to the edges of most of my white pieces and a yellow ink on the edges of the yellow pieces... totally optional!

Card #1 - Attach patterned paper to the front of the green card base. Mat the embossed blue cardstock with the white piece of slightly bigger size. Wrap the yellow gingham ribbon around that piece and tie in a bow. Attach to the card. Trim sentiment and attach. Layer flower die cuts and button with twine and attach. This card has a white insert.


Card #2 - Fold cardstock to form card base and attach patterned paper. The green ribbon is hand dyed and intended to be crinkled, wrap it around the card and tie in a bow. Attach sentiments with pop dots. Layer flower with velvet button and attach.

May oh happy day

Card #3 - Add ink to the embossed floral cardstock to highlight the pattern and attach to card base ( note that I didn't add ink towards the bottom). Trim sentiment and attach. Layer flower, leaves and button with thread bow and attach with a pop dot. This card has a white insert.

May 3

Card #4 - Attach patterned paper to card base. Trim notches in top and bottom of the yellow heart paper and attach. Trim sentiment and attach. Tie a bow with the blue ribbon and attach. Add button with twine bow.

May 4

Card # 5 & 6 - Fold the 3x6" cardstock to form a 3x3" card. Attach patterned paper. For the card on the left trim and attach sentiment strips. Layer flower die cuts and attach with velvet button center. For the card on the right trim and attach sentiment. Wrap yellow teine around card and tie in a bow. Attach die cut heart. attach flower and add yellow glitter glue to flower centers. These cards have white inserts.

May 2

Card #7 - Fold 3x6" cardstock to form 3x3 card. Attach patterned paper. Round corners of turquoise paper with corner rounder punch and attach. Trim sentment and attach. Attach flower punch.

May 1

Hope you enjoy this months cards. They were a joy to create for you!