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October 2011

Creative Cards October

Happy Fall! Hope you are all looking forward to cooler weather and the changing seasons. It always seems that there is more indoor time for crafting during these fall and winter months. I hope you enjoy this months cards as they are some of my favorites of the year. I just love this color scheme. Here  i'll give you some tips of anything that is not totally obvious by looking at the photo.

Card #1 - Add some ink to the edges of the notebook die cut. And to add a little ink to the embossed flower vine try using a makeup sponge to apply some o f the same ink. It makes it a little easier to not get it on the non embossed areas.

Card 1 

Card #2 - Ink edges of the  sentiment and use hot glue to attach button.

Card 2 

Card #3 - While it looks like the button is attached to the sentiment its not. I threaded the button and slipped the ends of the floss under the ribbon and attached with hot glue. Ink edges of sentiment and attach under the button. This makes it alot easier than trying to do it as one piece and it looks like you did it the hard way. Add some yellow ink or chalk to the edges of the scallop square.

Card 3 

Card #4 - Trim sentiment card front from sentiments page. Attach balloons and add a black pen line for the strings. If you're unsure do it in pencil first. Mat on navy blue cardstock provided and wrap ribbon around and tie in a bow before adding to the card base. Attach flower only using adhesive on the bottom edge so that the gift card can slip under the flower. Add ink to edges of white card if desired.

Card 4 

Card #5 - Attach patterned paper to card base. Trim sentiment and attach. Lay down a strip of adhesive and attach the trim, trim off excess and attach to the bottom of sentiment. Attach flowers and brad. Add ink to the edges of card if desired.

Card 5 

Card #6 - Trim navy blue swirl element and sentiment from sentiments page. Add ink to edges if desired. I attached sentiment with pop dots.

Card 6 
 I hope you enjoy making your cards as well as giving them!