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Creative Cards - September

Looks like fall is upon us... almost time for those chilly days where we all want to stay in by the fire and do some crafts. Perfect time to do all your card kits. Just wanted to say thank you to each one of you and I hope you enjoy this months polka dot theme. I just ordered paper for the October kit and am pretty excited to start work on them. Here are a few tips for anything beyond just sticking it down like in the photos.

Card #1 - This is the Extra bonus Halloween card. Trim the halloween card front and attach to the black cardstock. Add some black ink to edges if desired. Add ribbon and three rhinestones. This card has a white insert and a white envelope.


Card #2 - Trim Cupcake stand card front and attach to patterned paper and white card. Add glitter to cherries on top of cupcakes. Add twine bow. This card has a white envelope.


Card #3 - Double up twine and wrap around patterned paper and tie in a bow, then attach to card base. Trim tree sentiment and mat on blue cardstock square, attach with pop dots. Add buttons. This card has a white insert and white envelope. ** Reserve a piece of twine for the next card**


Card #4 - Attach patterned paper as shown. Trim sentiment, add brads and attach with pop dots. Attach ribbon and trim. Add buttons. Thread twine through button and tie in a bow attach to center of butterfly and attach to card. This card has a white envelope.


Card #6 - Fold cardstock to form cardbase and attach patterned papers as shown. Trim sentiment and add ink if desired, attach. Attach flower with pop dot and add buttons in a cluster. This card has a white insert and clear envelope.


Card #7 -in  Fold cardstock in half to form card base. Attach patterned paper. Trim sentiment and attach with pop dots. Fold scallop circle in half and cut in to center with scissors to form petals. Attach flower, you'll want to add some adhesive to the inside fold of the flower so it stays down. Thread button with pink floss and attach. This card has a white insert and a clear envelope.


Enjoy your month and giving away all your cards!