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February 2011

Creative Cards - February

This months cards were inspired by fruity colors, rosette flowers and pretty buttons.

Card #1 - In your kit you will have 4 pieces of white cardstock that measure 4.25-5 inches. 3 go on the inside of the green, yellow and large blue card. The 4th goes on the outside of this card. Fold the green cardstock and it opens from the bottom. Add white cardstock to the inside and the outside. Attach patterned paper. Attach lace with a little clear drying liquid glue. Trim off edges of lace to be even with the card. Wrap ribbon around the card and tie in a bow. Trim sentiment, ink edges if desired and mat with green cardstock. Attach to card with pop dots and add buttons.

February 2011 card 1 

Card #2 - For this card it is prefolded and opens from the bottom. Attach white cardstock that measures 5.50x5.50 inches to the inside of the card. Attach white cardstock that measures 5.75x5.75 inches to the outside of the card. Attach pattened paper. Wrap ribbon around card and tie in a knot. Tuck tag under ribbon and attach. Attach pink buttons to ribbon with hot glue. Trim sentiment, ink edges, mat and attach. Layer flowers as shown, thread buttons and attach with hot glue.

February 2011 card 2 

Card #3 - The blue card is folded for you, attach the white cardstock previously mentioned to the inside. Attach pattenred papers. Attach green ribbon and trim edges. Attach green cardstock mat and embossed piece. Trim sentiment and mat with red cardstock (small rectangle of red in your kit). Attach to card. Follow instructions provided in kit to assemble the flowerand add button. Then attach flower to card. The flower is a little tricky but once you do it once you'll get it and its so cute its worth it.

February 2011 card 3 

Card #4 - The yellow cardstock is folded for you. Attach the previously mentioned cardstock to the inside of card. Attach embossed cardstock to the front. Attach button with hot glue. Trim sentiment ink and attach to the green striped paper. Mat green with the blue mat. Wrap ribbon around the blue mat and tie in a bow. Attach that mat to front of card.

February 2010 card 4 

Card #5 - Fold 3x6 inch blue cardstock in half. Attach small square of white to inside of card. Attach patterne paper. Trim sentiment, ink and attach. Add pen detail around sentiment. Tie red gingham in to bow and attach green flower button with hot glue.

February 2011 card 5 

Card #6 Fold white cardstock in half and the card opens from the bottom. Attach patterned paper. Wrap ribbon around card and tie in a bow. Attach hearts and butterfly to scallop circle. Add pen detail dots around scallop circle if desired and attach with pop dots. Trim sentiment and mat with green cardstock and attach.

February 2011card 6 

I hope you enjoy this months cards. I really enjoyed making them, and I can't wait for next month!