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January 2011

Creative Cards - January

Wow... the beginning of a brand new year! Holy cow! Enjoy this months card and guess what... I've decided that each month this year your kits will include a 6th card! Each month i'll design a 3x3 card, collect them all year and at the end of the year i'll provide a lovely box for you to hold them all in. It'll make a beautiful gift at the end of the year!

So here we with this months cards... As a helpful hint, I attach all my buttons with hot glue. Seems that all the super cute buttons have shanks on the back. I cut these off with wire cutters. By using the hot glue it compensates for any uneven surfaces on the back. I just plop on a dot of hot glue, then add my button, hold it in place till it sets, and there you have it a perfectly set button. :)

* White inserts are provided for inside of dark (non white or ivory cards) cards.

Card 1 - Assemble as shown. Trim sentiment and add small black dots with a marker to add detail. Add button with tip above.

January 1 
Card 2 Assemble as shown. Trim sentiment, ink edges and mat with polka dot paper. Fold leather in half and attach to card. Trim leaves, ink edges and add dot detail with marker, then attach next to the leather. Tie ribbon in a knot and attach. Attach red buttons to look like cherries. Add a ribbon bow with the red stripped twine.

January 2 

Card 3 Assemble card as shown. Add ink to edges of embossed border if desired, attach and add small rhinestones. Trim sentiment, add dot detail with market and ink edges and attach. Tie ribbon in a bow and attach.

January 3 

Card 4 - Assemble as shown. wrap ribbon around card and tie in a knot. Attach sentiment to red circle and punch a hole in it. With a piece of the twine tie sentiment to the polka dot ribbon and tie in a bow.

January 4 
Card 5 Assemble as shown. Trim sentiment ink and mat with plaid paper and red text paper, attach with pop dots. Loop the small plaid ribbon and attach under the sentiment. Wrap ribbon around card and tie in a bow. Add floss to three buttons and attach.

January 5 

Card 6 Fold card. Attach red patterned paper to back of frame and trim as needed, attach to card. Trim sentiment and attach. Add line to frame and dots to sentiment with marker if desired. Attach lined paper and sentiment as shown. Wrap twine around card and tie in a bow. Attach buttons as shown with rhinestones over blue buttons.

January 6 

Enjoy your cards!