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September 2010

Creative Cards Homeschool Kit - September

Note * Each card has a white envelope.

You will have 4 pieces of white cardstock that is the same size and one slightly larger. 3 of these go on the inside of the pink, yellow and turquoise based cards. One goes on the outside of the turquoise base card as a mat. You will have one that is slightly longer (it has a cross hatch texture). This piece goes on the outside of the pink card as a mat.

Card 1 - Attach two pink patterned strips. Cut a "v" in the bottom of the yellow patterned paper and attach. Wrap yellow ribbon around card and tie in a knot. Tie bows with blue and a knot with the pink gingham ribbon and attach. Trim sentiment and mat with Aqua paper. (note there are two aqua papers and one goes with the green shaped card, size the aqua papers up to the pink polka dot paper for that card before you cut). Attach flowers and pink jewel.

Sept card 1 
Card #2 Mat patterned paper with cardstock and attach to card with pop dots. Run jersey pink ribbon down under the cardstock and tie in a bow. Trim sentiment and attach. Attach ribbon and button.

Sept card 2 
Card #3 Fold cardstock for base. Mat patterned paper with cardstock laydown turquoise grosgrain ribbon and then attach cardstock over ribbon. Bring ribbon up and tie in a knot. cut sentiment as shown and mat with pink cardstock. Slip under ribbon and attach. Put floss through button and attach. Cut out butterfly ink edges if desired and attach. Add turquoise jewels.

Sept card 3 
Card #4 Fold cardstock for card base. Trim printed cardstock along dotted border and attach. Attach yellow punched shapes and buttons.

Sept card 4 
Card #5 Make sure green card is folded evenly. Round corners if desired of aqua and pink polka dot. Hold up the white scallop piece to aqua paper and trim in on an angle to complete a scallops. Attach all these layers. Tie bow with turqoise grosgrain ribbon and attach buttons. Trim sentiment  and attach.

Sept card 5 Thank you everyone. Enjoy your cards!