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July 2010

Creative Cards Homeschool Kit - July

This month I celebrated my birthday and Creative Cards Birthday. Enjoy a bonus card this month!

Here are a few additional tips and tricks to assemble your cards. I used a creamy brown ink pad and some glitter. Otherwise just scissors, adhesive and a paper trimmer is all you'll need. White square piece for inside of card.

Begin by unraveling your two pieces of twine to make three sections each. This will give you enough twine for all the cards.

July card 1 
Wish Card - Fold your cardstock and layer patterned papers as shown. Attach frame with pop dots and add phrase. Attach bow and add glitter to frame. This card has a clear envelope.

*note you have two pieces of this stripped paper use the longer more narrow piece. Its 3x 5 3/4"

July card 2 
Friend Card - Fold cardstock and add ink to edges if desired. attach patterned papers as shown. Ink edges of frame, attach with pop dots and attach phrase. Add embossed circle, ribbon bow and star charm. Fold green strip in half, add adhesive and attach under the frame.

July card 3 So Very Happy Card - Fold cardstock in half. Trim sentiment page to size and attach to card front. Wrap polka dot ribbon around card and tie in a knot. Tie other red ribbon in bow and attach. Put silver brad in center of crocheted flower and attach other buttons as shown. *White piece for inside of card

July card 4 

Happy Everything Card - Fold cardstock and attach patterned paper as shown. Wrap ribbon around card and tie in a bow. Ink satin flower to distress if desired and attach. Attach buttons as shown. For the sentiment... trim sentiment so its even and add ink to edges if desired. Holding your red polka dot strip towards you fold back one side, measure it up to the words and fold back the other side so the sentiment will fit on front. Now fold back flaps back towards the front and trim edges to points. (thats the most complicated part of all the cards) :) bust still easy right? *White piece for inside of card

July card 5Thank You Card - Fold cardstock in half and add embossed paper. Wrap ribbon around card and tie in a knot. ink edges of cream square if desired and attach. Attach scallop circle with pop dots. Attach heart. Trim sentiment into strips, ink if desired and attach.

July card 6Celebrate Card- Fold cardstock in half and attach patterned paper. Trim sentiment page along the dot design and attach to page. Wrap ribbon around and tie in a bow. Attach buttons as shown.

I hope you enjoy this months cards. Please email me with any questions... thank you so much for your patronage.