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November 2009

Creative Cards Homeschool Kit - November

Nov1 Celebrate your day card... Attach the polka dot paper over the embossed white paper. Wrap the ribbon around the polka dot paper and tie in a knot. Attach to the black base card.

Wrap the hemp string around the tag and tie in the front. Tuck the tip of the tag under the ribbon knot and attach.

Nov 2 My Heart Card...  Attach red scallop to the card with pop dots. Fold your hemp string in half and tie in a bow trim tails. Take one of the trimming and thread through the button. Attach the button over the top of the bow.

Trim sentiment and attach to card.

Nov 3 Baby Bottle Card... This card should open from the side. Measure the nipple and bottle up to the clear rectangle envelope. This will ensure that the nipple isn't placed to high and will fit in the envelope.

Tie the ribbon in a bow and attach to the card. Trim sentiment and attach to the card. Secure the saftety pin to the bow.

Nov 4 Wishing You Happiness Card...

Trim sentiment and attach to tag. Tie ribbon in a bow and attach to the tag. Attach pearls to the scallops on the tag.

Nov 5 

Happy Birthday Card...

You'll have two pieces of square white cardstock.The small one goes inside the card and the bigger is to layer on the outside of the card.

Trim the sentiment and attach to the scallop rectangle. Attach to the card with pop dots.

Nov 6 Bonus Gift Card Holder

Look at both sides of the gift card die cut. One side will more clearly show the crease lines. Fold on all the crease lines. Then refold if necessary so the texture and stamp will show on the outside.

Fold it all up and tuck the tab in to hold. Attach the rhinestone to the snowflake and then attach to the holder.

Thread the jingle bell on to the ribbon and wrap around the gift card holder and tie in a bow. To open the ribbon iwll just slide off and can then be slipped back on.

I hope that you enjoy this months cards. Please email me if you have any questions. Smiles, Deena