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October 2009

Creative Cards Homeschool Kit - October

011picnik For the flower card you have a small white square for the inside of the card, just make sure its hidden behind the flower so you can't see it when the card is closed. Trim the sentiment and tuck it and the leaves under the flower.

This card has a clear envelope. You can mail these envelopes just fine. Place a white label on the envelope for the address. I've been mailing them for years and haven't had any problems.


I leave most all of my printed sentiments long so you never come up short in spanning the width of the card so center up your sentiment, glue it down and trim off the edges. I used a pop dot for the white heart.


It's a little hard to see here but tuck the black glitter border under the striped paper. Don't worry about the holes in the border they should be under the striped paper. Also measure the border on the card to the envelope so it doesn't stick out to far.

Silver circle goes behind the bats eyes.

Trim your sentiment and mat on the black provided.


Trim your celebrate sentiment to about 2" high and place on the green cardstock provided. Place it a little to the right so when you put on your ribbon its not covering the words, now trim off the edges.

This card has a clear envelope.


Place your sentiment on the card and place it to the right, trim off the edges.

Fold your ribbon in half and attach to the card. Glue on the flower and then trim the ribbon edges.