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September 2009

Creative Cards Homeschool Kit - September


Fold the green polka dot paper in half and attach the flower with the brad. Attach it to the card like a tab and allow it to hang over the edge a little.

Make sure you measure it to your envelope so you have it hanging over to far.


Thread your long white string through the button and criss cross. You should have an x on the top and two long tails hanging out the back. Now wrap the string around the card and tie in a knot in the front.

I trimmed the edges of the butterfly wings to make it a slightly diffentent shape then glue them on to the string.


The light green shape the congratulations is shown on has a crease line on it. I trimmed mine along this line then attached it to the card and trimmed off the edges.

Make sure you put your sentiment down far enough that you can read it when you put the ivory ribbon on.

The sentiment is on xyron paper(adhesive back) Peel it away and place it on your card.


Attach the circle sentiment with a pop dot.


When you attach your polka dot strip of paper trim off the edges so they are even with the card edges.

Attach the sentiment with pop dots.

Below you'll see two picture illustrating how to make the fan with the crepe paper.

039pic 038pic Gather the paper in the middle and fold the ends towards eachother and fan out. Use a piece of tape to secure on the back side and trim with scallop scissors. Then I flattened the tip with my fingers and stuck it up under the ribbon.

I really hope you love your cards this  month... Enjoy, Deena