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Oh Happy Day Creative Cards February 2014

With Love Valentine Cards

Sneaking in an additional kit this month. If you are looking for the January cards scroll down just a bit.

Valentines Day is my favorite crafting time of the year. I love hearts and creating little tokens of affection for the ones I love makes it a special time of year!

The cards are pretty simple so you should be able to go off your photos pretty much. I'll just add in a few hints here and there for anything that might not be clear in the photos.

For these three little cards just fold and attach all the pieces as shown. Use pop dots if desired. These three cards fit in the small clear envelopes. There is 2 yards of black and white twine that will be used on several of the cards, so tie off of one end.

Attach the patterned paper to the ivory card. Wrap a piece of twine around the heart and tie in a bow. Attach that heart and two small hearts. Trim the sentiment with the scallop border and attach. Trim the sentiment and attach in the center of the scallop border. Attach the small pearl to the center of the twine bow.

Attach patterned paper and attach die cut heart to the top portion of the card. Wrap ribbon around the card and tie in a bow. Attach playing cards. Trim a small sentiment and attach over the bow.

Attach patterend paper roof to the roof of the house card. There is a small 1x1" piece of the same patterned paper. Use this piece to trim a small rectangle to the top of the chimney. Attach windows and doors and add pen details. Add one small heart to the door. There is a small red strip of patterned paper, trim this piece with scallop scissors and attach. Wrap ribbon around the card and tie in a bow. Trim sentiment and attach.

Attach red patterned paper strip to the inside of the scallop card.Wrap twine around the card and tie in a bow.  Attach cardstock that has been embossed with the bicycle design. Attach the three small hearts. Attach sentiment, wood grain patterned square and scallop square.

Attach patterned paper. Wrap twill around card and tie in a bow. Tie a bow with the black and white twine and tie in a bow. Attach 1 small silver heart. Attach love coupon sentiment and die cut heart.

Attach patterned paper to card base. Attach pom pom trim and trim off the excess. Trim sentiment and mat with wood grain patterned paper. Attach die cut heart. Attach playing card and coupon sentiment cards. tie a black and white twine bow and attach. Attach pearl.


Attach patterned paper to card base. Wrap ribbon around the card and tie in a bow. Attach Happy Valentines Day sentiment. Attach three small heart die cuts. Trim additional small sentiment and attach.

Use any left over sentiment cards or printed sentiments to decorate the inside of your cards or attach to the envelopes.

Hope you enjoyed all the Valentine cards!


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Diana B

I just wanted to say this is the first kit I ordered from you - and I have to say I was totally delighted. I had gotten so disappointed with kits as I always felt I had to really manipulate ribbon to make it go all the way - - but I did not have that happen with you kit. I plan on ordering more. Di

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